I saw her ...

© Kaz Watanabe

If I tell you Jim
what I saw today
would you be excited
and breath in & sway

If I say, I saw
a girl in the drizzle 
the time when stopped
and magnified in the mizzle

If I say, she looked
like, a droplet of dew
like an angel in this world
born anew

That she was a damsel 
so perfect, in a dress
of cherry red & white, with 
browns in her tress

Her skin like a baby's
her eyes like a pearl
her lips almost spread in
a soft pinkish curl

If I tell you Jim
how my heart then pounded
would you check on my left
to see if it has grounded

If I say, I saw
a girl who I knew
a few years ago, when
she called me her beau

If I say, she looked
like, a part of a dream
for she stayed a moment
then vanished with a gleam 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- This poem was written by an imaginary boy for  an imaginary girl.  :)


  1. Ahaan.. imaginary? ;) Quite some imagination, that is. I always like your poems so much, and this one's just like that.. lovely, and different again. :)

    1. Ahem ahem, my imagination runs a marathon sometimes. ;) I have a lot of time for imaginations like these, you see. (Pat on the back) :P Okay, I am going to shut up.

      Thanks for the lovely comment Ashna. :D

  2. Wow! I read it twice!
    Lovely words used.. and what imagination..!! (if it really was imagination :p)
    Read such a nice poem after quite long ;)

    1. Thank you Saloni, you really read twice? :D WOW!! :')

  3. Hey I love this poem! It's so cute :) Just love how it rhymes in certain places! :)
    BTW is it reeeaaalllyyy imagination that DROVE you write this poem? :D

    1. Thank you AaeKay. And hehe, umm..what drove me to write it wasn't complete imaginationnn, but the PS still holds true :P ;)


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