The Abandoned Pool - NaPoWriMo - #5

There is a swimming pool where I stay
I haven't seen anybody swim in it or play

There is no water there inside of it,
only dust and more dust and a mattress or two

Those mattresses, I don't know how they came to be
Maybe they were under pressure, wanted to be free

There's clearly a pair of denim there, and a cluster of leaves
maybe, finding clothes in the pool, is not of their pet peeves

'Their' you ask, who is 'their'?
obviously the 'others', love, isn't it clear?

The others, who stay at the same place I do,
maybe for them, it's totally cool to let it stew

Anyway, not unlike the pool, the fence is a bit rusting,
but I don't see why it won't do with a little dusting

Maybe it's time, the pool would use a hand or four,
to shine it up, and let the water soar

--- --- --- ---

This poem was part of National Poetry Writing Month 2016. You can check out other poems by clicking on the 'Poems' tab in the menu above.

If you want to know more about NaPoWriMo, click here.

Also, I am in competition with one of my blogger friends, Ashna. I am obviously winning, but you can still check out her poems at her blog here.


  1. A simple poem about a simple item with a somewhat philosophical message! I wonder what makes people create dumps of things that can actually be beautiful. It's kind of sad.

    1. PS- I think you could change the title to show 'Po' instead of 'No' :P You seem to be stuck in November.

    2. Yeah, people do need to think about this stuff. And oh oh, thanks for pointing it out. I will change it nwow.

      Thanks for reading too. I enjoyed writing this one ^_^


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