Happy Beginnings - NaPoWriMo - #12

There are days when you, think of the wonderful past
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those beautiful memories, which will forever last

Meeting new people who have, come to be your lifelong friends
visiting exciting places with them, and trying out blogging trends

Discovering a writer in yourself, writing to make laugh and cry
feeling up n above the clouds, thinking why didn't you earlier try

Experiencing the innocence of thoughts, filling your heart with joy
reading those posts by your friend, you so wait for, adore and enjoy

The excitement you feel when you, see how similar you both think
how relatable everything is, you, might as well simultaneously blink

You share anything you find of interest, and eagerly wait to discuss
and you talk of many other things, which to you are surely precious

You laugh and you cry with them, share your wrongs and your rights
and you don't even notice when, you start talking whole nights

Then time comes when you, finish each other's sentences with full grin 
you notice what you've become, and you call each other your soul twin

I have numbered this poem for the respective date. I will try to post the poems for the days I missed as well, so keep a look out. 


  1. If thaaaat wasn't sweet, I don't what is!! :D This is so nice, warm, and somehow cute. I think I could relate to it, too. Sometime in life you find a person who is so similar to you in their way of thinking, you can't help feel excited. Too good when you end up becoming friends. Lovely, uplifting poem! Loved it.!! :D

    1. Thank you Ashna; I thought you would say how you could relate to it :) I wish I write more stuff like this, it makes me happy to write and read.

      P.S: You missed 'know' in the first sentence by the way :P


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