Advice to Her - NaPoWriMo - #3

Dear Princess


This world is unequal
it is divided into two

And that, you must know

--- --- ---

If I tell you that a birdie, can fly much better than we
You can say, sure yes daddy, but can it run faster than me?

And if I say you’re small, like a ball of softest wool
and the sky is much more higher, that can measure any tool

That the unicorn is much whiter, than anything ever made
for it lives in wonder wonderland, unlike anything ever made

You can accept those things, and still be happy my dear 
for they only are a wonder, and you have nothing to fear

But if I say ever, that you cannot just fly
or cannot just go out there, because you’re too shy

And if I say ever, that your dreams are too big,
that the world is too scary, too ‘real’ for a girl

That you cannot build your own way,
like a boy might make his own

Or that person that you so much like to,
but can never be your joy

Then you tell me, oh dear daddy, the world is sure disparate
but I’m as good as any boy, and I can make my choice

For you brought me up like so, daddy,
to be smart, and be fair

And sure I can’t fly like the birdie

but I so can put some wings on, and take me to the air.


  1. I loved this one so much. This is the third time I've come to read this, and thought I might as well comment. It would be the best thing ever if you are the daddy and your daughter the princess. :') Really uplifting poem! You win this one ;)


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