55 Fiction #6- A Trouble with Words

She stared at the keyboard and the blinking cursor on the screen in turns. The blank page seemed intimidating; too vast to fill. The keys looked like strange tools, each separate; not part of the whole.

- - -

Next day, she stared at the tip of the pen and the lone dot on paper it had made.


  1. Aww, we do face such times, don't we? I wanted to write suggestions for spending time instead, but then realized that when we are in such a phase, there is also that feeling of irritability and quick heartbeat where you just cannot do anything else either. Still, wishing this protagonist luck! If she can maybe, for a while, try her hand at something else, and come back feeling refreshed and full of ideas and motivation. :)

    1. Hio! You are on point about everything you say. Who would know better than someone who writes on a regular basis like a pro.
      Thank you for your suggestion, seems she did spend some time in other things and might be up to writing again very soon. ;)


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