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Small Things for 2015

It has been a good year, 2014. Not great, not average, just good. And I grew a lot as a person. I did better than last year on most fronts, but some were still left screaming for mercy and progress. I learned a lot at work, I read many good books, I met people and interacted and laughed with them and became more confident. At the same time, I became fat and failed miserably in keeping up with online courses and writing. I made a post in January about Resolutions and Wishes for 2014, and let us just say, the plane didn't stay up long ... and crashed, voilently, into a Saharan desert type of a jungle and the pilot was eaten by a crocodile when he found water after wandering for three days in scorching jungle heat and being bitten twice by a non-poisonous and once by a poisonous snake on the butt.

A Fairytale of the Soul Twins

Once upon a time, there lived a girl in a small fishermen village in a beautiful land. The village, like the whole kingdom was picturesque in whatever corner one were to happen to be in. There were many small villages and odd towns where people engaged in various trades and works. There were forests and large swathes of fields which separated them. The farmers usually lived near the forests and the rivers and the shepherds and cattle farmers on the fields. As for this particular village, it was one of the numerous which lay near the big river that was the lifeline of this wonderful land.