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Theandric Thursday: The End To This Night

I stand in this chilly night outside one of the busiest, hippest club in West End. The fog shifts in shifts. A wave after a wave, mixed with aromas of spices and smell of charred meat from the numerous kitchens nearby. Often, it gets mixed with a familiar smoke of tobacco from someone's cigarette. Someone who is out to light in the fresh air, like me.
A red haired girl, with clothes far from suitable for this kind of a weather, steps out from the heavy double doors of the bar. She takes a deep breath and looks around for something.
'Oh, this can't be possible', I mumble, as soon as I see her. Surely co-incidences don't happen to such a degree. But she spots me and before I can turn around or attempt to walk away, she is already at my side.
"Hey, you got a fag?" "Umm, yeah sure!" I take out one from my pack and hand it to her. Then I light it up. "Thanks," she says smiling.