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At least I am preparing for an Apocalypse!

People often say that you gotta be a hellish perfect guy in the field of your work (or study, or play. It is all the same) if you want to be someone. Someone here indicates one who has earned respect, wealth and in some cases fame. A well worn cliché dialogue succeeds, or precedes, this kind of a conversation and which goes like(surprise surprise),  "Jack of all trades, master of nun none"
Well, good for you, sensible serious people. Not for me but, no thanks. You see, I've been always reminded by a lot many people with not much lesser of a zeal than of those credit card sales people about how sticking to just one speciality and focusing on that full time without indulging in other distraction would be the way to go career wise. And how if I travelled on two boats alongside, I am going to have a torn set of pants and a sore crotch. To this I ask, rather want to ask, what if I want to travel in three boats simultaneously? What if I want to be a book critic, a house painte…