2014 - Resolutions and Wishes

Hello people. Happy New Year. Let's begin.

Yeah, just like that. I am not going to think of a perfect start to the first post of 2014 here. I am not going to give any background or a reason about why or why-don't I believe in resolutions. I guess it doesn't make much of a difference when you are eating butter day and night and thinking back to your keeping a healthy mind resolution, which rooted on your 'healthy mind leads to a healthy body' belief. So yeah, let's move ahead.

Yeah ;)

First up, if you joined this blog as a reader anytime during 2013, please go and read this post first. It's not too long and you might even get to say 'Ahaa, I knew it!' later on.

You still haven't clicked the link. Come on now, be a sport, read it, it's relevant. 

I was good, wasn't it? Okay, so since you are back with memories refreshed of Resolutions 2013, let's do something that nobody ever does: talking about last year's resolutions. It is a sweet little thing and I thought of it as a good motivating factor. So before we begin with this year's resolutions, let's have a..

Review : Resolutions 2013

Before jumping in though, I must say that 2013, on the whole, was an okay year for me. Well, it wasn't too bad. In fact, it was amazing in the first half, but like a too enthusiastically written script, fell pretty flat during the second and the climax was well, bloodless ... and tearless. 

But again, it was still the loveliest and something to be thankful for year when it came to relationships and the wonderful happy time that I had because of those relationships. I learned, again this year, a lot of things. I realized a lot of things and became more mature and childish at the same time. Yes, it is a real oxymoron and I love it.  

Okay now, beginning, if you noticed this in the earlier post, I picked up clever, realistic resolutions and smartly shoveled all the normal sorts under the wishes section, so as to try a new route and see what happens. 

Let's see what came of it. I resolved that,

- I'd start doing things finally instead of planning to do them.

I would say, I did do that to some extent. I took initial steps but due to some unforeseen roadblocks, I couldn't dive head-in in some of them.

- I'd take help when I need and would not try to be a Superman.

I took a lot of help. Wherever and whenever I needed  and it did help me a lot. Some people got their time and brain eaten more often than others but that was mostly because they had superpowers too.

- I won't be an emotional fool.
Now this was a difficult one, but again, with the help of some people, I was able to mostly stay away. Yay to that. And yes, I flirted a lot and cheesiness was at an all time high ;-) 

- I'd be non hesitant, all out shameless guy when talking to people.
Although, some people would still call me shy. Compared to how I was the year before, I changed drastically when it came to talking to new people.

- I won't indulge in self-bashing.
I don't remember when I was this narcissist last. I guess, I never was. Nailed this resolution totally. (though it wasn't exactly as difficult as leaving drugs :P and no I don't do drugs, come on!! :-X) 

The wishes now. Yeah, don't laugh just yet.

- Writing a book before November

Did not happen. Sorry, no explanations.

Admission in Nehru mountaineering institute 
Dreams got crushed on Jan 2 when I learned that seats for 2013 were already filled up. Postponed the plan.

- Complete the French course, read a book and watch a movie sans subtitles
French course is due to end in April this year. Did not read a book and watched three movies but with subtitles.

Go to learn to swim. Again
Did not go. No explanations.

- Beat deadlines 
Failed miserably :-/ 

So, this was last year. Doesn't look too bright on the wishes front, but I guess trying once more would be a good call than calling it quits. So with that thought, let me begin the...

Resolutions & Wishes 2014

This time too, I am gonna keep the actual resolutions quite realistic and leave the stuff that has dependencies for the wishes part.

I might have some scary serious resolutions here and maybe I should give it a second thought before posting but heck, I'll be brave and let the government know what I am gonna do in 2014. I will,

- Be on time>> I know exactly which people are rolling eyes right now and yes, I am putting myself in grave danger by putting this in writing rather than making a note in my mind because the universe would still conspire against me to make me late for things. But guess what, I need grave danger. You see that last point about deadlines up there ^, I don't want to repeat that answer next year.

- Prioritize>> If there is something I have been reminded of while wasting time on things I don't like just because I made a promise or a commitment to someone, then it is the fact that I need to care for me before others. I need to prioritize and put things important, crucial and helpful for me at the top.   

- Be responsible>> I would be responsible for everything that I undertake. I would put in my literal hundred percent and would complete whatever I undertake using the above two. I would be careful too, in taking responsibilities so that I could deliver those I take, properly.

- Put brain to good use>> Instead of thinking about stuff that would only make me lose hair on my head further, I would put my brain to other cooler uses. I plan to watch, learn, read, educate myself with a world of awesome stuff out there and share it. Fortunately, I have some interesting people to help me with this one, so I am already excited.

- Pray>> This would perhaps be the most important and helpful resolution for me. Maybe I haven't discussed this on the blog before, but I am a very proud Muslim. And although I can't call myself religious as I don't pray regularly, I definitely plan to change my praying(which is also a very good of meditation) habits for good this year. 

The wishlist is going to be difficult this year as I am carrying the last year's wishes(except the mountaineering one, which is still postponed) over and adding to the current. This means, I would have to,

-  Write a complete draft of that book.
- Complete french course. Watch a film sans subtitles and read a book.
- Try for real and learn to swim.
- Beat deadlines. 

Among the new, I wish to,

- Complete the Goodreads Reading Challenge of 25 books. Plus 3 left overs from 2013 and 7 left overs from 2012. That makes it a total of 35 books.

- Keep the target of 4 posts a month that I am making. Without worrying about making each post perfect.

- Wake up early, eat healthy and sleep early. (this is so cliched that it makes me embarrassed to write)

- Run + Cycle a total of at least 1600 kilometers. Independent of normal walking.

So guys, this is my complete run for the year 2014. I hope I remember these things, specially the wishes and I hope I have good reasons to cheer next January.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

P.S: Tell me what you think about resolutions, are they too out of fashion and mainstream and useless, or do you still find them fun and motivating.

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  1. Oh dude! Of course this post is totally motivating! SPECIALLY because your resolutions are realistic. :D Which is something someone like me so desperately needs to learn. And they all seem to be workable with a fair amount of hard work and discipline, which I think you are inspired enough to have ;) :D

    And what do you mean by 'are they too out of fashion?' -_- You have to do what you have to do!

    About the review: NOT BAD DUDE! Not bad at all! And since I'm kind of a narc, I'm comparing this to my resolutions, which without even a follow up I am sure is wayy behind anything closer to a 60% completion :/ Considering what I know about you, I agree that you did "do" more on what you planned, at least you were trying hard to put stuff into practice. Great job! :D *pat on the back*

    Talking more with people: Yep. You don't seem that weird anymore :P (Not that I talk a lot, but still. :P )

    Self-bashing? Errr.. Yeah, seriously. I don't remember you ever being like that. At least not in front of people. Although you should love yourself for whatever/whoever/however you are and if that's there, it's great. :D

    Sad about the NMI thing. I've postponed even thinking about it and you know why :/
    You knew how to swim earlier? Whoa! Good luck with learning this time :D
    Deadlines: You should join my college :P

    Coming to the New Year Resolutions! :D
    BE ON TIME? :O YAY! I won't be among those rolling their eyes because I HAVE seen evidence of you coming well on time when it's important. And I do believe unforeseen stuff and alien-ish stuff happens with you a lot of times, which can't be helped sometimes (like the perennial traffic jams -_- ) but you do make an effort. I'm sure you'd do great on this now! :)

    Prioritization is important, yes. I need to learn that too. God, I need to really properly introspect and think of New Year Resolutions like these :P

    Putting brain to good use: YES! Please add me too, to share stuff with! And please let me bombard you with in-depth questions about the books we read. :P I'd love that! Please please!

    Praying: ^_^ I've been horrible in this department this year. Will you sue me for stealing your resolutions? :P

    OKAY, the exciting part: 35 books? :D YAY!!!! I hope you get to read amazing books! <3 Goodluck with this challenge! :D

    So many posts? :D Awesomeness! Goodluck again!

    It is not cliched -_- I wish I could do this too, but I guess for the most part, I anyway "have" to sleep early and wake up early. Eating healthy is a problem :|

    1600 kms running plus cycling? :O WHOA! You training to become Milkha Singh or what? :P
    But still, goodluck for all these! And the happiest new year to you! May your year be filled to the brim and overflow with awesomeness, happiness, love, contentment and successes! :D <3

    1. o.O Post pe post :P
      What can I do? This made me so enthusiastic. You bet I'd have such a post and a list of awesome resolutions tomorrow. ;) :D


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