Blog 'Weak' : The Lamest Post Ever

Hello people, this blog is perhaps going through the worse identity crisis ever since I started blogging actively more than 2 years ago. It has come on the verge of breaking down a lot of times, while pleading in front of me these past 4 months to feed it with posts. Yes exactly, you read it right, four months. Not something you'd ever see on a serious enough blog. In fact, not something I've seen on any blog, serious or not. And it's making me feel so funny that I want to laugh out a very hysterical unbelievable laugh. 

No I wasn't in an asylum these four months and am certainly not in remission either, if you were thinking that. It's just that my blog is going mad and weak with no food for such a long time and since it is no lungfish, I decided to give it some food. And life. Life after food. Food first.

Yeah :P
Okay, so since I was feeling generous enough today, I decided why not feed it properly while I am at it. Pat and stroke it to sleep even. (Quick word: If you're still wondering whether you arrived at the right blog, well you have good reason to do so. Still, read on.) So,on this cue ^ , I have decided to present the poor, weak blog with a week full of posts. And since I have already hinted how non-serious this blog is, I thought why not start with a non serious post. In fact, it is a totally lame post, really. Albeit, a little differently interesting at places.

Of all the things funny in this world, since my dear blog is all about randomness, I am going to do something of that sort only. I am going to post completely random words and phrases, dedicating it heartily to the blog(and it's name) which came crying. Let's start. Oh and by the way, you are free to say and express whatever comes to your mind on reading any(or all) of these words and phrases in the comments section. In fact, I highly encourage you to do so.

- knowing that tomato-chili ketchup is always way better than simple tomato ketchup.

- raindrops.

- the squeaky sound your new shoes make in a silent library.

- Salman Khan and the following great sigh of hopelessness every time he appears on TV.

- watching your bicycle accumulate tons of dust.

- PDA in public parks looking more like PDS

- the irresistible urge to go touch(or maybe kick) a sleeping crocodile in the zoo because it looks too plastic.

- playing KBC with your friend on Whatsapp every Friday and Saturday night.  

- lemonade.

- the idea to get all the 'bittoo loves pinky' messages photographed from all the city monuments and sending them to forensics to see if indeed they are the same 'bittoo' and 'pinky' everywhere.

- dancing without shoes.

- back to back 'Big Bang Theory' episodes on a lazy Sunday morning.

- cursing all the pigeon-kind because one pooped on your shoulder.

- morning sun in January.

- feeling brain seduced while reading John Green.

- windows phone OS.

- milk with Oreos in place of corn flakes

- reinvigorated hope in the power of prayers on watching Miley Cyrus.

- the 'abe kahan se aa jate hain itne saare log' dialogue at Rajiv Chowk metro station. 

- listening to Lungi Dance more than 40 times in a loop.

Okay, the last one needs a bit of extension. You can't know how lame and still how fun it is if you don't actually listen to the song. I found out only today and yes I did listen to it more than 40 times ;-) Here you go,

I hope this post was as lame as I promised. I would be posting some other stuff, if a little less lame maybe, just for the sake of change. So do check out the blog tomorrow. Happy reading :D

P.S: All of this did/does not happen with me by the way :P
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  1. Welcome back mister! "Some" people are insanely happy to see a post on your blog, because they have always loved every single post you've written! <3 :D

    Okay okay, I have a lot to say on this lame post. :P (BTW, I do love reading and writing lame posts. Welcome to the party!)

    Yes, tomato-chili ketchup!

    Yes, raindrops! A bigger yes to waterfalls ;) :P

    YES on Salman Khan and hopelessness!!! DUDE! Ever since I was a KID, like even when I did not even know he's a famous guy called Salman Khan, I can't. just. watch. anything. that. has. him. in. it. Okay fine, I know you mean the recents (and you love Andaz Apna Apna :P ) but still. Recent or whenever. I don't like his supposed-to-be-funny-but-I-find-them-irritating-antics. That's just me, though :P

    Bicycle accumulating dust? Dude, gift it to me OR use it to make some real abs :P

    Go on, seriously go touch the croc. -_- Though, I hardly ever get to see it, if at all I go (which has been like, twice in my life :P ) Where do they disappear to, anyway? -_- (PS- We'll take dudeni there! All of us! :D Oh yeah, this is a good idea! *pats self on the back* )

    Playing KBC <3 Who IS that awesome friend-who-knows-more-answers-than-you? :P ;)

    Bittoo and Pinky :P LOL!

    Dancing without shoes? Dance at all? :O (I. WILL. GET. BACK. ON. YOU. WITH. THIS)

    Oh man. Which pigeon pooped on you? :P Well done, pigeonie! :P

    Love winter sun! <3

    John Green!! :D (I love this phrase - brain seduced :P )

    Windows phone OS? Also Apple OS! ios 7! -_-

    Preetika would get to you on Oreos :P Oreos to me mean forced-to-taste-by-a-friend-and-I-like-it-but-my-mom-ended-up-being-more-crazy-about-it. :P

    Miley Cyrus :'( What HAPPENED to her! :X

    Rajiv Chowk: Everyday madness. True indicator of dilli ki insane abaadi. Mannerless people. Stuffy trains full of weird women (minus me. Ya I am weird too, but not the 'weird' weird kind). CCD-ke-bahar ;)

    Lungi dance: Something I listened to right now, for the first time. Liked it more than I believed I would, but still, I won't listen to it 40 times in a day :P

    Some randomness in my life:
    - Plugged in earphones with no song on.
    - All books on the bed.
    - Newly painted room!
    - Sucky college.
    - Awesome friends.
    - Cable having problem and making frantic calls to the fone-doesn't-get-connected-to cable wala because NDTV INDIA is not working!! :O
    - A blog post by awesome friend after so looong, leaving me all :D :D :D

    The idea for the blogweek is cool! I mean, yes, write whatever. Make up for the lost time :'(
    PS- You can also compensate your readers with a chocobar treat. O:) (Yeah, you're welcome. I give the best ideas ;) )
    PPS- Egggcited to see the next posts!! :D
    Keep Writing! You rock your non-pink sox :P

    1. Ashnaaa!! Thank you so much for loving this insanely lame post and writing an insanely long reply. I love insanely long replies :D And yes, I really enjoyed writing this post so Hi-10!! ;-)

      Okay, I am gonna make this a little shorter than yours so let's start. Oh and before I do, I guess I should have mentioned this in the post. These were not all the good things, some were bad/sad as well :)

      -Three Yes' to waterfalls ;)
      -Exactly, Salman Khan irritates more and more with his attempts at humor.
      -Sadly, cycling doesn't make abs. Only by going to a Gym do you get those real abs, and I am not a very big fan of weight training :-/
      -Yeah, we'll take her to the zoo. And then i'll leave you both near the appropriate cages/areas :P
      -Yeah, who is that friend? :P
      -Dancing -people just need a reason :-|
      -Oh shoot, I forgot to mark the pigeon who pooped :-X
      -Windows phone OS sucks. That's what. iOS rocks :D
      - <3 to your mom for loving oreos.
      -This is what happened to her ->> (i suggest you watch the whole song)
      -Rajiv chowk -exactly. :-X
      -Lungi dance -it was an insane day :P

      Okay about your randomnesses,
      -Earphones: me for hours :P
      -Can't do that as much as I want. The kids will ruin them.
      -Yaay to newly painted room. I want to do something as well :-/
      -Sucky college: :-/ :-/
      -Awesome friends: ME :D :D
      -Cablewala: My sympathies :P
      - ^_^

      Yes, ab toh choco bar banti hai. Add to the never ending list ;-)

  2. Hahahaha!
    If lame posts mean so much fun then please keep posting them. :D
    I actually let out an 'exactly!' at some points :D.
    'the squeaky sound of new shoes...'...oh yes!(not in the lib. though 'cause I hardly visit my college lib. :P)..and 'bitto loves pinky' on that idea please! I see more of 'shailesh loves sweta' :P.

    On to reading the next post ;).

    P.S.: For Ashna. Why do you write a whole new post on a post? God! :P

    1. Oh yes, this was fun. I am glad you found it likable :P The shoes part has actually happened with me and the librarian had looked up at me with an expression like he had just eaten something really horrid :P
      Shailesh and Sweta? Please find out if they are Bittoo and Pinky in real :O

      Thanks for commenting Srishti. Really happy to see you here :D


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