Collecting Awards - Answering Questions

Hallo you! I am happy today. For no reason. And this post is about awards. Which you might have guessed by the title already. And I am going to receive, with much humility and bows(not the ones you shoot with), the awards that I have been awarded. Because well, I am happy and this post is about awards.

Before this gets any more weird and foolish, I should just hop on to the stage with my speech. But before that, let me apologize to the two amazing people who gave me these awards. Months ago. Sorry Abinaya and Srishti, I am a hopeless procrastinator, do send me some remedies.

All right then, the first award is the Creative Blogger Award given by the ever so sweet, Srishti from it is. Thank you so much Srishti, I alwardly feel too happy and reading your post again made me even more happy.

So as part of the award taking ceremony, what I have to do here is a special dance follow some steps/rules which go like this,

1-- Thank the Blogger and link back to the blog. 

Done already B)

2-- Tell us. 

a) Three things about yourself.
- I am good with directions but very bad with names.  >>> 
- I don't dance. Period. :D
- Even the sight of peanut-butter increases my chances of puking ten-fold.  

b) Two things People don't know about you.
- I love to cook and the dishes most often turn up fairly okay.
- I can sing okay-ish, except the lows, I am horrible at lows.

c) One thing you want to change about yourself.
- Habit? Well, I want to do away with the carelessness.

3-- Answer the questions asked by the blogger.

- 5 Essentials of your life.
I suppose by 5 essentials, you mean objects. If that is the case then,
 a) clothes (not a naked hunter, am I)
 b) toiletries (hygiene first)
 c) books (love)
 d) a computer of some kind with internet(definitely needed)
 e) a cycle(saves you any day)

- A dream you want to just live as a dream.
That would be going back in time to an exotic location and period to never return. Because frankly, in real, I would get bored.

- Ever caught doing anything unlawful or mischievous? If yes, then when? ;)
I was caught showing my test paper to a friend when I was in 9th standard. The teacher, Mrs. Sulakshna Pathak, slapped the shit ghost out of me :P I'll always have immense respect for her(no pun ^_^).

- Writing to you is?
Love. Expression. Medicine. Escape.

- What do you usually go with, your will or others?
Mine. Because nobody ever forces his/her will on me.

- Behaving (appropriately) comes naturally to you, or you choose it? (even I don’t know what this question means! :D )
It comes as naturally as breathing.

- Words you mostly use.
English: Awesome. Anyway. Quite. Great. Though.
Hindi: Arre. Yaar. Abe. Sun na. Angrez. Chal.

- Favorite quotes. (if you remember any! :P)
It's not our abilities but our choices, that show what we truly are.
~Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledoor

I want to believe that the world has only two kinds of people, the good and the very good. But the third kind never let me.

4-- Nominate this award to the deserving blogs. Pass it on. 

I don't read enough blogs to forward this award to, let alone any other. Though I suppose Hamsini's truly amazing blog, Unsecret Promises, does deserve this and many more such awards. Hence, I forward it to her.

5-- Ask some questions to the bloggers who got nominated.

Okay, so these are the usual questions that I ask. Here you go Hamsini.

- Name one superpower you'd definitely like to have, if you could.
- An amazing clear-water sunset beach with cool breeze & exotic fruit trees OR a beautiful green hillside with a landscape of close cropped gardens & a breathtaking waterfall, choose.
- Are you a morning person? If not, would you rather be one?
- Do you read books? If yes, which one took you the longest to complete?
- You have a time machine, you can't change your past, which year would you like to go to and why?
- If you're given an option of getting one post from your blog published in a magazine or a journal, which one would it be?
- Is your blog a window to the world or a window to your self?

6-- Inform the bloggers about their award.

Will do.

- - - - -

The second award is the Liebster Award by the equally sweet and awesome Abinaya from A Blog To Remember. Abinaya has given me another award, which is again the Creative Blogger Award and which means I have three awards for this post :D  I thank you from the bottom of my heart Abinaya, for both these awards. :')

Now, since the questions for the Creative Blogger Award are the same which I answered above, I am gonna go ahead with the Liebster Award's questions. Here they are.

1-- 11 facts about yourself. 

Since I can't think of any new/different ones at the moment, here are seven which I wrote in an earlier post, in addition to those I've written above,

- I have a sort of compulsive disorder to save electricity and water. It's not that don't care about other things worth saving, but I really get uneasy when I see water being wasted or a fan being on when no one's sitting under it.
- I have more feelings for my bicycle than for my mobile, which I think would hold true even if I get an expensive mobile.
- It's very hard for me to sit straight on a chair, one of my legs automatically folds up.
- I can be very passionate about things which would seem strange to others. For instance, when I was 10, the age when other kids want to become a pilot or a doctor or a lawyer when they grow up, I wanted to become a paleontologist. B)
- I love sports, almost all of them. It's another matter that I strictly suck at most, but still.
- I cry watching movies, reading books.
- I have an assortment of a lot of big dreams. They can be categorised from big to absolutely laughable, but I have a strange sort of belief in them.

2-- Why did you start blogging?

I've had quite an old and slightly turbulent relationship with blogging as I've continously been in and out of it during the last decade. The first time I created a blogger account was somewhere in 2002 maybe(much before Google bought it), it was simply to try out the new in thing as it was as much a craze as Tumblr was two years ago. 
The last time I started afresh was in 2011. This time it was because I wanted a place to voice my opinions and thoughts on various things that interested or disturbed me. I think I've realised what blogging really is about this time around, so I'll say am quite dedicated this time.

3-- You are getting an all expenses paid trip for two to a place of your choice. Where will it be and with whom?

I want to travel on a cruise ship sometime. So, a cruise trip to Europe or the Meditteranean would be fun. I don't know with whom though. Maybe I'll go alone. ;)

4-- Dog or Cat? And why?

Somewhere between Cat and none. I’ve had a not so great and horrible experience with cats and dogs respectively.

5-- Half a million dollars for slogging six months a year or a week’s peace on the beaches of Bahamas?

Beaches of Bahamas for sure.

6-- What is your deepest fear?

Can’t say on the internet. Sorry.

7-- How did you propose to your Guy/Girl or how do you plan to do so?

Haven’t thought exactly how I would do it, but definitely somewhere like a hilltop/mountain/similar-place while watching the beautiful morning sun rise from behind the other hills. It’d be the perfect romantic place.

8-- One ‘Ctrl+Z’ moment of your life. Something you would undo if you had a choice?

So many that it’s hard to choose one.

9-- Who is the most marriageable celebrity?

Ranbir Kapoor. Sonam Kapoor. I would have also said Justin Timberlake and Anne Hathaway, but they just married late last year(to different persons of-course). 

10-- One thing that can take you to ultimate heights of fame? 

Me? Putting all my best effort and thoughts into penning down my idea, a very strong willpower and perseverance. 

11-- Do you follow any sports, team, club or person? Why did this love start?

Unfortunately, No! I don't follow any team or person. I have my favourite teams in cricket and football but I don’t follow them religiously. In fact I don’t even know the names of all the players in the team currently. :P

12-- Did you like coming to this blog? And will you come again?

Absolutely, I love your blog! I do occasionally visit, which I am hoping would turn from occasional to everyday. :)

13-- Nominate 11 bloggers.

For the same reason given above, I don't have 11 names. I am writing down the names of those whose blog I do visit once in a while and do deserve this award.

Congratulations Preetika, Priyaa and Ashna. You may or may not answer the questions I asked Hamsini. Answering questions is totally optional. :)

- - - - -

Al right, it was fun writing this post. I hope Srishti and Abinaya, you'll find the answers fun as well. Thanks for reading the post. Ciao. 


  1. :D Loved this one. I found out some more similarities and parallels. ;) Although I got to know so many more things like:
    - cooking? :O You're getting something you cooked next time I see you live. -_-
    - singing? :D

    Peanut butter. Is. Good. -_-
    You go with your own will? Yeah, typical Leo characteristic :P
    The words you mostly use: HAHAHA! :D Absolutely true!

    I don't have a clue about cricket either. Hi-5!
    Anddd.... proposing on the hills? Aww :P

    It was super fun reading this post! Congratulations on these three awards, Mister super procrastinator (look who's talking :P )! :D Thankyou so much for this award! ^_^ *takes a bow*, not the Katniss one ;)

    1. You're most welcome Miss ;) Would sure like to know what similarities you found ;) And don't worry getting about something cooked, you'll have the cook's special when you meet next :D ;)

      Peanut butter is good? Excuse me.. do I know you??? :| Hi, welcome to the blog and yeah Hi-5 on the cricket thing :P

      And thanks for the lovely comment. I loved it :D

    2. Yeah. Peanut butter is good. -_- Put it on a hot, crisp toast and try. Hell, it's good even when you take it out of the jar with a spoon and pop it in your mouth and chew. Yumm :D :P
      Don't you worry, you make me taste the cook's special, I'll make you like peanut butter :P

    3. Eat it with a spoon? Yukk!!

  2. Haha! You hate Peanut Butter too? Hi-5! :D

    All of your answers imply that you're really a very down to Earth person. I'm super glad to know you! Many congratulations for the awards! :)

    1. Yess man, Hi-5!! :D Now, I've got a comrade :D B)

      And thank you for those kind words, I am equally glad to know you :D

  3. Ah! Up finally! :P

    Lovely answers, really! And thanks for letting us know that all we need to blackmail you anytime, is a spoon of peanut butter :P
    Chuck procrastination, I'm one too (but you are amazing at it!) :D

    It was great, reading this goodish post, and getting to know you.
    *Sakshi* :P

    1. Thanks Srishti :D you almost made me feel proud of it ;) :P

      It's always so enjoyable to write posts like this. I love the question answer sessions. Thanks a lot for giving me a reason to jump on the stage :P B)

      P.S: Why do I feel that the stars before and after your name mean something? ;)

  4. Wow loved your answers! Even I'm a huge procrastinator, hope to change it soon. I like PB and jelly :D I know too many people who don't like it! :D

    It was wonderful to know more about you from the horse's mouth. Thanks for this post. :)


    1. Nice to know you liked the post Abinaya. Thanks for those questions, they were really interesting. :)

      God bless! :D

    2. See? Awesome people like Peanut Butter. I'm proud of you Abinaya ^_^

      PS- I should probably not make a conversation in blog post comments :P But I could not resist. *ups her collar and gives a wink* :P

    3. Write something soon Mister! I'm missing your posts. Need to read some awesomeness. ;)

    4. Sure will Miss. I am missing my blog as well. :)


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