A Cynic's Take : Why?

Before I begin with the 'A cynic's take' series of posts, which I start today, I think I should write an introductory post about it. A simple forward later in the first post might have also served the purpose, but I think a separate post is better. Let's see how it goes.

By this phrase 'A Cynic's Take', and after reading my last post, you might think that these are going to be some cynical posts where I'll be mocking things while I write on different topics in a tongue-in-cheek manner. I am sorry, but that's not how it might turn out.

I originally intended to write on the most obvious inefficiencies and problems in the most common things that I see around me, and which affects me and you in one way or another. The things which we ignore or are completely oblivious to in our busy city lives, but which actually are a major part of it.

I chose the word cynic because most of the times, when you point out faults in a seemingly okay system, the regular state of things, or when you think too different or rather freely, not conforming to standard accepted ideas, then that's what you are called. So I thought why not add it already.

And it's called a cynic's take because I am not going to just point out faults in the things that I pick up, like most people do. I'll try to give some other ideas or possible alternatives for their remedy. And I sound all boastful and gyaani here but you'll know what I mean. And sometimes, the ideas might look too different or even radical, but I believe they could have far reaching effects. So I request you to keep your minds free and open and empty, as we all know that,

Thank You :)


  1. I can almost smell the cynicism brewing.... bring it on!

    Looking forward to it :)

  2. Super idea! Get it rolling! :D

  3. Yay! Start with it. We're waiting, Mr. Cynical!
    I'm sure we'll be seeing the 'observant' side of you. :)

  4. Me, Rachit, Ashna: Thanks guys, it's a boost to have readers like you. :)


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