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300 Days

13 July 2011, Wednesday, Day 1 ----------------------------------
Deep bumped into Kunal around the corner on his way to the classroom after lunch. It had been almost two weeks since he joined the Department of Social Work at DU for his masters. He was acquainted with most of his classmates but he hadn't made any friends yet. "Hi!", said Kunal "Hi, how are you?" "Great." "So, how do like here?", Deep asked "Good. You?" "Great!" "What about girls, who do you like here?" "Nah ... I don't like anybody", then added as they entered the classroom "though, that brown eyed chick in our batch, she looks cute. You know, the one with curls, what's her name?" Kunal didn't reply. Instead, Deep found him looking sheepishly at a brown eyed chick who stood staring at Deep in pure disgust. "Kaavya", she said after a moment. This was followed by a very uncomfortable silence, after whic…

For the Name's sake

I have a small-big problem. I don't remember names.
Small, because nobody punishes me for forgetting a name and moreover, people forget names all the time . Big, because unlike normal people, I don't forget names occasionally, instead I recall them occasionally. 
Which means, it doesn't matter if you met me four years ago or just introduced yourself four seconds ago, there's is a high chance that I don't remember your name.