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Hello everybody (basically the four and five awesome generous people who come to read my posts here), I am feeling quite nice and carefree today so I am going to be pretty careless about those tight scripts which I usually stick to, which is just another way of saying that I am not going to be a prick and will write what comes to my mind(mostly), except for the questions that I am going to ask the person who gets the award here because I've already decided on them. So yeah...well mostly. ;) And yes, there will be smileys. Lots of them I suppose. :P      <- See...

So, coming to the point, that is, awards. Yes, as difficult as it is for my own self to believe, I actually got awards for this blog of mine, which is, to say the truth, a truly awesome amazing deal and I felt like flying in total excitement when I got my first award :D :)). I shall talk more about it below and without wasting more time and space I shall get down to list the awards that I got,

First, the Kreative Blogger Award by Miss Ashna Banga at Pages from a Young Diary. Okay, when I got this award (more than two months ago o.O yup!) I must say that I was maybe half expecting it and still got totally flushed when I saw my name. But hey, I wasn't expecting because my blog was something which truly deserved some award, but because the awarder is such a nice person that you automatically expect to get an award from her. :)

Thank you so much Ashna. :')

Second, the Versatile Blogger Award & Liebster Blog Award, again by Miss Banga at Journal of a Bookworm. Why two awards, you ask? Actually I was supposed to pick one award and leave the table, but since nobody was looking and the rest of them were also quite tempting, so I slipped another one in my bag quietly and pretended like nothing happened. Yeah, you're right, I can be pretty shameless and greedy sometimes. :P

By the way Ashna, I hope you got those bags of err ... ahem..ahems, we agreed upon ... you know ... before these awards...... Yup. And just so that you know, I've kept the secret well about our err ... little business deal. Nobody knows nothing about it. B) ;)


Okay, I should better get settled before I get beat up. And on a serious note Ashna, I am really thankful to you for the appreciation you showed and gave in the form of these awards. I loved them, all of them. There were some rules regarding forwarding these awards too. And below are some questions that I have to answer according to them.

1-- Post seven random facts about yourself.

- I have a sort of compulsive disorder to save electricity and water. It's not that don't care about other things worth saving, but I really get uneasy when I see water being wasted or a fan being on when no one's sitting under it.
- I have more feelings for my bicycle than for my mobile, which I think would hold true even if I get an expensive mobile.
- It's very hard for me to sit straight on a chair, one of my legs automatically folds up.
- I can be very passionate about things which would seem strange to others. For instance, when I was 10, the age when other kids want to become a pilot or a doctor or a lawyer when they grow up, I wanted to become a paleontologist. B)
- I love sports, almost all of them. It's another matter that I strictly suck at most, but still.
- I cry watching movies, reading books.
- I have an assortment of a lot of big dreams. They can be categorised from big to just laughable, but I have a strange belief in them.

2-- Answer these questions,

- Favourite colour?
This is actually difficult to answer. Well, there is a tie between white and light shades of blue, yellow, orange and peach.

- What's the best book you've read?
I have different favourites in different genres, but since I like fantasy most, I'd go with 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince'.

- Do you like adventure sports? Any favourites?
Oh yeah, sure I do. Mountaineering is at the top of my desperately-want-to-do-before-I-die-or-get-old list, followed by down-river rafting and sky jumping. ;)

- What is your blog about?
I started my blog to write about completely random things that come to my mind and to ramble every so often on different subjects. It has gone a little of the track lately, but I like how it has evolved.

- If you could get to meet any person form this world, famous or not, friend or not, for about an hour long chat, who would it be?
Why is this question so hard. Anyway, depending on my mood, I would choose from Bear Grylls, Arundhati Roy and Bill Gates. Thank You.

- What do you like best about the blogosphere?
Blogosphere is like a big field with a long round whiteboard where you can come and write and draw whatever you like and then meet like minded people, strangers first but who you become instant friends with. It's the best thing about it, I suppose.

- Have you made any friends through your blog?
I haven't actually made any friends from scratch through my blog, but yeah I can say that I have a thinker, philosopher, poet blog buddy, Saloni Chaudhary, who I interacted first through the blog. Though I have friends who actually became good friends only after I came around their blogs. They are Ashna and Rachit. And I shouldn't start writing about them because you know the post will go real long. :D

3-- Pass on this award to other bloggers, with your own questions! (No specific number, just as many as you want)

Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, there is just one winner and hence, the Versatile Blogger Award goes tooooo, Mr Rachit Gupta with his alter ego Leonardo at Sentimientos ... clap, clap, clap, clap. :D :)) He is truly a versatile blogger and a great one at that. Congratulations Rachit, may the awards ever keep flowing in your blog. Now, I am sorry but we have to cut short on the ceremony to follow up with the interview. Here are the questions that I intend to ask you,

- Name one superpower you'd definitely like to have, if you could.

- An amazing clear-water sunset beach with cool breeze & exotic fruit trees OR a beautiful green hillside with a landscape of close cropped gardens & a breathtaking waterfall, choose.

- Are you a morning person? If not, would you rather be one?

- Do you read books? If yes, which one took you longest to complete?

- You have a time machine, you can't change your past, which year would you like to go to and why?

- If you're given an option of getting one post from your blog published in a magazine or a journal, which one would it be?

- Is your blog a window to the world or a window to your self?

Okay, that should wrap it up. It was nice for a change to write this post. I hope it wasn't a complete disaster. And to those bloggers who don't see their name up there with Rachit, it's because after thinking very long(trust me) I concluded that I might just need to make a custom award for you. So watch out in the coming posts for it. And yes, the questions that I might ask would most probably be the same as above since they are kind of generic.


  1. Thank you so very much Usama! This is really overwhelming! Not only did you make my day, but you also made me write two posts back to back in one day! :D

    Hope you find the answers provided by Leo in his most recent post correct and as expected. Leo would love to know what's your take on them! ;)

    Lot's of Respect and Care, says Leo. :)

    1. Oh my God, you actually wrote a reply within hours of this post, awesome. I read and commented there, the answers were just as cool as you are. ;)

      I definitely feel the answers were correct and almost as expected. Thanks for the reply and the reply post Leo. :)

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for all the super duper kindness :D
    I just adore this post (and not because of what you think!), I mean, the answers are just awesome!

    One, OCD :P
    Two, mountaineering! <3
    Three, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! :D
    Four, about what your blog is about, mine is like that too! :O
    Five, awarding Rachit AND motivating him enough to post about it :P (clap clap clap for you!)
    Six, what interesting questions! They are super cool! :D

    1. Hi, sorry for replying so late. First, I should be the one thankful. Second, you like the questions? I'll work for a way to get your answers on them. ;)

      Awesome comment Ashna. Tea for you. :D

  3. I would like to receive a 'custom' award from you. Please... please... pllleeaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

    1. Such long please, okaay...I'd have to check out your blog for that first. And thanks for the comment. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank You Sridevi, and welcome to the blog. :)


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