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Theandric Thursday : It's Scary

                'a cross between fiction and reality, related to personal life and its happenings'

In response to this prompt, rather a meme by Ashna Banga, this post gives an account of a horrific event of my life. Trust me, its really horrifying.

Do you remember

do you remember how, stars looked in the night sky
do you remember how, moon was so close once, and still shy
do you remember how, trees swished in the breeze

A blessing

the grey in clouds the smell of earth the fly of birds the life in still the fresh of colors the bend of trees the flutter of clothes the smile on faces the pure in hearts the dance of joy
the shower of happiness

* Written on a rainy day.


... then she said, 
'tum hote kaun ho'
and I couldn't say anything afterwards

A random thought.