Why did you came in my life.
Why did you made it so wonderful.

Why we started to talk.
Why did we became friends.

Why did my phone suddenly became so dear to me.
Why did my each day became so unique.

Why couldn't I stop smiling for no reason all the time.
Why were my parents surprised at this behavior of mine.

Why were those good nights always so dreamy and the good mornings always so bright.
Why did I turn  from reserved to open, frank, naked.

Why would I listen to your stories for hours and tell you mine.
Why I called you by at least five nicknames.

Why could I automatically share everything with you.
Why could I tell you all my secrets. The deeper ones too.

Why did you have to be that friend, I so much needed.
Why then, you became that friend, I fell in love with.

Why couldn't I tell you about my crush.
Why, despite that, you sensed it all by yourself.

Why would you start to ignore me.
Why would we fight so bad over a small misunderstanding.

Why do we have to stop talking.
Why I began to hate you so much.

Why the world became so worthless all of a sudden.
Why did I forgot how to laugh and chat.

Why those occasional showers trembled my heart.
Why that perpetual silence made my mom so much hurt.

Why I constantly searched dark corners.
Why I gazed into the starry night, alone for hours.

Why I wept silently on the bed at nights.
Why I had to try my best to stop the tears from rolling down my lashes whenever I sat to eat.

Why each drop of my blood screamed to listen to your voice for once.
Why then my longing doubled, hearing your voice again.

Why, knowing your answer, did I confess my love.
Why couldn't we have a future together.

Why even after your polite yet final refusal, I still have hopes.
Why do I still pray that your heart will melt someday.

Why can't I help but curse my unflinching, undying love for you.
Why am I ready to wait  for you. Forever.

Why are you the only friend I can share these feelings with.
Why then, I can't tell you how much this love hurts.

Why am I so simple, emotional, blind.
Why do I feel threatened by this naivety.
Why have I become more reserved than ever before.
Why did I become like this.

What am I.


  1. You are a very good person. :) (answer to your last question)

    I won't say anything about this sensitive topic, but only that what I read was beautifully written and I really liked it. Feelings truly expressed. I wish you a great life ahead. And there is nothing in this world capable of bringing you so down that you can't get up again. Keep strength, abide by you time and stay good. All the good things will be yours. Because nothing lasts forever. :) (I guess I DID say much :P)

    1. Thanks Ashna, for liking it. I don't know if I am good person or not, I'll leave that for the others to decide.
      Sometimes, the same feelings that bring me down, give me strength to get up and go.I guess I'll have to keep going for something or somebody.
      I wrote it a while ago, felt like sharing so wrote it here.

      P.S: You didn't say much. Just the right things. :)

  2. Amazing display of emotions Usama!

    Realizing how we Indian's are born advisers, I would just like to tell you that Life moves on and is a freaking bitch at these situations leaving you into a deadlocked pitfall where you don't even know in which direction to move. It hurts. But somehow you have to pick up yourself and move on without her. Maybe talking candidly to her and even asking her would help but in the end the answer will come out from your inner-self.
    But you shouldn't lose friendship 'cause of the love factor even though schism of practicality ruins every bit of it!

    Loved this verse. Keep writing. :)

    1. How happy I am to see you comment. :)
      You are right about it. Sometimes, the heart does make things complicated for the mind, and hence leave us helpless. Hope still holds me from accepting the reality. I'll come to terms with what unfolds ahead of me, eventually.

      Thanks a lot. And yeah.. I've realized that true friendship is such a great gift and a real blessing that it can't be lost to any other relationship.


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