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I went to my brother's school recently for the 'Christmas Celebrations' event organised by the school. It was nothing more than a godforsaken mela with  loud speakers which deafeningly played songs like jalebi bai and such, many small jhulas and kiosks selling stuff from chat, domino's pizza, ice creams to Tupperware(for what reason would anyone go to a school to buy such stuff is beyond me).

Anyways, the post is not about that. When we were there, my brother who is in second standard, came running and panting, just chased by a boy of his class. He told us(me and my mom) that the boy studies in his class and was his friend. Though they were just playing, my mind suddenly skipped to a day somewhere in the past month when he came home teary eyed and on inquiring told us that some of his friends from class kept teasing him all the time and pushed him to the ground that day. I told him that boys who steal from his bag and made fun of him were not friends. But for him perh…