Because today, I feel Gay

I know that smile,
and what you wanna say
that i was always,
a slant the other way

So I won't mind, 
or turn me blind
and respond with words,
that are unkind

But provoke me, you still,
be-cause, it's your will
to bring me in anger,
and get me to shrill

And stuck with the word,
you make me the third
and call me with names,
that were unheard

But what must I do,
and what shall I say
than state with repose,
each dog, his day

With face hot red,
and lips twisted
you make a last attempt,
to fill me with self-contempt

To go ON with it,
you call me a git
a loser, a freak,
a shadow, so bleak

Know this my friend,
what you intend
is not gonna happen,
how hard you offend

However you try, 
whatever you say
I won't pay heed, 
I won't turn grey

As it's a good day, and I feel gay.


  1. Good work Usama. Looking forward for more. :)

    You made my day, by feeling gay!

  2. Nicee one! :)
    That should be everyone's attitude..

  3. Thanks Rachit and Ashna. It was an experiment. Will improve eventually. :)

  4. Heyy... I came up to your blog to read your posts. When I came across this, I liked it so much I wanted to comment, but saw that I already had :P
    So much for my short-term memory. Hence, I am commenting again! Liked your experiment. I keep telling myself to start experimenting with poetry, and I think now you've inspired me! Look out for my poem! :)

  5. Heyy, I read your poetry a while ago, when i was going through your blog. They were a good start, but I think you wrote them a while ago. So ya, start it up again, or should I say.. resume your poetic journey for I'll be looking out.

    P.S: Your memories post was just Beautiful. :)

  6. Mai fir se aagyi tera mast sa blog padhne. Kitna acha time pass hai for a holiday ^_^ Ye poem mere naam karde :P I louve it :D

    PS- Upar kitne formal formal comment kiye hain :P

    1. Hahah :D Hai na mast time pass, I like this poem too, I actually don't believe reading it now, that it was my first poem :P
      And poem tere naam kari Ashna ;) for-the-evers :P

      Upar ke comments- *laughing* :D


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