Taj Mahal near....or Moon ?

This simple question is what, young kids are asked to check their intelligence. Of-course, few pass it as many just doesn't know that Moon is arguably nearer than the Taj Mahal (at least I can't see Taj Mahal from where I live).But before getting into a debate, let us first look into another somewhat related topic.

In 2006 a proposal was put forward by ISRO for a possibility of manned space mission to moon. That is, India's attempt to put 'Indian Man' on moon. In 2008 chairman of ISRO, G Madhavan Nair, said that the project has been cleared by the Space Commission, following which in 2009 the Indian Government gave a green signal for the Manned Space flight Program due to launch in 2016. The cost was estimated to be Rs. 12,380 crore approx.

Last year two launches were attempted by ISRO using the GSLV Mk.I and Mk.II launch systems developed by India, both of which were failures.
It plans to launch another rocket this year using GSLV MkI system. GSLV Mk.II is planned for the moon mission. Truly, the spirit at ISRO is nothing but commendable.

India, as we all know is taking part in a great race and with determination to win so much that it forgot why it was running in the first place. The sprinters are the poor and the prize-takers are the rich. The upper middle class and the upper class in the society is gaining by the economic boom. The rest, don't matter. The economic condition of most tribal areas is pathetic at the least.

Third of the global poor today, reside in India. Around half of the rural population lives on what we would spend on a packet of chips. The urban poor are an invisible lot living as ghosts on the streets or slums. They are naturally and unintentionally not noticed by the lot.Talking or commenting about the betterment of poor is just a waste of words. Likewise, utilization of budget and reserves for them is just not sane.

While Indian Government could do away with its frivolous and ambitious shows by arranging some actors and sets like what America did some decades ago, which would also save a lot of money. But, it is too difficult here to help a poor than burning money in a cryogenic engine.

Why should we care for such things as famine hit infants as long as India achieves glory on our plasma TV's and we look forward to moon-landings than worry about a boy selling groundnuts near the Taj.

Like I said, Taj Mahal is indeed too far from the Moon.