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I went to my brother's school recently for the 'Christmas Celebrations' event organised by the school. It was nothing more than a godforsaken mela with  loud speakers which deafeningly played songs like jalebi bai and such, many small jhulas and kiosks selling stuff from chat, domino's pizza, ice creams to Tupperware(for what reason would anyone go to a school to buy such stuff is beyond me).

Anyways, the post is not about that. When we were there, my brother who is in second standard, came running and panting, just chased by a boy of his class. He told us(me and my mom) that the boy studies in his class and was his friend. Though they were just playing, my mind suddenly skipped to a day somewhere in the past month when he came home teary eyed and on inquiring told us that some of his friends from class kept teasing him all the time and pushed him to the ground that day. I told him that boys who steal from his bag and made fun of him were not friends. But for him perh…

Fantasy or Mockery...or something else

'Cheer up, splash those white sparkling teeth while I assure you that the world you know hasn't been in a better state ever since civilization began'.

If a new wave of American authors is to be believed, we as an ever-progressive society stand today at the paramount of political stability, economical prosperity, along with social and ethical quality. And we should start being a little optimistic with the way the world has emerged through a long history of instability and war, into a rather peaceful society. This remark is made in comparison with our recent modern-history all the way up to the ancient past of the hunter-gatherers.

Among the lot of highly optimistic books this season is 'The Secret Peace', in which the author Jesse Richards professes that the world is a actually a nice place and getting better by the day. This revolutionary or shall I say preposterous idea actually slings muck at the faces of already crippled inhabitants of the third world.
Mr. Richa…

Because today, I feel Gay

I know that smile,
and what you wanna say that i was always, a slant the other way
So I won't mind,  or turn me blind and respond with words, that are unkind
But provoke me, you still, be-cause, it's your will to bring me in anger, and get me to shrill

The Pharoah is gone ... an army awaits.

So , about 16 days of demonstrations finally witnessed the ouster of the despotic ruler of Egypt from power last month.

There are consequent protests in many other parts of the Arab region which are not limited to Jordon, Libya, Yemen,  Bahrain in order to bring down oppressive rulers and to establish what should be called as governance for the people.
Now, there is an overwhelming amount of information available on the Internet and news media about the current protests which started following the revolution in Tunisia and Egypt(the most talked about). While most of nations and their respective media stand supporting the protests, their actual concern doesn't lie anywhere close to the welfare of the society or the people. Instead, each one of them is seriously busy trying to get most out of this instability in the region.

Taj Mahal near....or Moon ?

This simple question is what, young kids are asked to check their intelligence. Of-course, few pass it as many just doesn't know that Moon is arguably nearer than the Taj Mahal (at least I can't see Taj Mahal from where I live).But before getting into a debate, let us first look into another somewhat related topic.

In 2006 a proposal was put forward by ISRO for a possibility of manned space mission to moon. That is, India's attempt to put 'Indian Man' on moon. In 2008 chairman of ISRO, G Madhavan Nair, said that the project has been cleared by the Space Commission, following which in 2009 the Indian Government gave a green signal for the Manned Space flight Program due to launch in 2016. The cost was estimated to be Rs. 12,380 crore approx.

Last year two launches were attempted by ISRO using the GSLV Mk.I and Mk.II launch systems developed by India, both of which werefailures.