Roses are red...

Roses are red
The sky is blue


Isn't it true, that
skies turn red too

And boy, I tell you
I once saw a rose blue

And swear I, such was its hue
that left me amazed, the closer i grew

And I must tell you of the red sky I knew
(it) looked like a satin in the sky someone sewed

Wonder fills one's eyes to see it, I'll give you this cue,
no other colour makes it more beautiful, that much is true.

Okay before you say anything, I must confess that this poem sucks. With a capital S. Sucks. But I just had to write one more before this month ended and today, my mind was just not pumping out anything.

Having acknowledged that, I am also pretty happy, just because of the fact that I became totally shameless and careless this time around(whole month) and posted poems, of all things, that ranged from I-feel-good-about-this to where-do-I-hide-my-face and it was an experience worth remembering. 

I got to learn about NaPoWriMo from my awesome blogger buddy, some time ago (a little indirectly) and then we discussed late last month to take part in it and lo and behold, you have some unapologetically amateurish attempt here to see.

To keep us motivated, Ashna also suggested we compete with each other throughout the month, which resulted in, quite expectedly, her winning the contest :P :D She wrote awesome poetry. Go check out her poetry right now here (if you have not clicked on the link given above).

No seriously, do it.

Okay now, that is all. I enjoyed this 'project' very much. No matter how less I completed of it. And I hope to participate next year too.

Thanks for being here. Love.


  1. For your poem--I can maybe think where this rhyming scheme is inspired from :P You say it sucks... umm... dunno. Let's look at it from an artistic point of view: imagination, abstract idea, an unconventional way to look at things? ;)

    Now, YAY! We did it!! And I won!! :P It was such fun! I want to have a bun. So hot these days is the sun. NaPoWriMo is over, it's not done!

    ^This is called inspiration.

    I loved participating in this. I'm so happy that we were able to do it! (And c'mon, we did better than we otherwise would have.)

    1. Okay chalo, this time I'll cut myself some slack; it was an unconventional way to look at yes, sorta :P

      And yayyy!! We did participate and we did awesome too, yes. Better than otherwise. And since you won, you get to give a treat; and I am supposed to give a gift(it can be non-material too), so choose ;) :D

      Let's not leave our blogs alone now and keep them alive even now that the month is over, yes? This is more for me than you :P


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