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Collecting Awards - Answering Questions

Hallo you! I am happy today. For no reason. And this post is about awards. Which you might have guessed by the title already. And I am going to receive, with much humility and bows(not the ones you shoot with), the awards that I have been awarded. Because well, I am happy and this post is about awards.
Before this gets any more weird and foolish, I should just hop on to the stage with my speech. But before that, let me apologize to the two amazing people who gave me these awards. Months ago. Sorry Abinaya and Srishti, I am a hopeless procrastinator, do send me some remedies.
All right then, the first award is the Creative Blogger Award given by the ever so sweet, Srishti from it is. Thank you so much Srishti, I alwardly feel too happy and reading your post again made me even more happy.
So as part of the award taking ceremony, what I have to do here is a special dance follow some steps/rules which go like this,

Theandric Thursday : Princess And The Closed Room - Part 3

This is the third part of the story. Find the first two parts here and here. The first 'here' points to the first part. ;)

Note: This part is narrated from a third-person's point of view. Doing this from Joy's POV was my initial resolve, but it wasn't coming along as good as I wanted to, so I decided against it.
This is a loooooooooooooooooong post.

'Let me help you!' 'No, I 'm good!! I'll ...just...have to...jump a...little...higher...ahhh.' 'You'll get hurt. And what if someone sees you jumping like this?' 'What of it?' 'You're a Princess!' 'Oh, all the... better...Nobody...will say...anything..."oh fishes" the...Princess.' 'Here! Take my knife. It'll be easier with it.'
She waited out of pride, contemplating whether to take the knife or not, thinking she was definitely capable to do it by herself, but then she took the knife and this time swung it with her jump. A big orange-yel…

Theandric Thursday : Princess And The Closed Room - Part 2

This is part two of the story 'Princess and the Closed Room'. Find the first part of it here.
I came out of the house and started walking absentmindedly on the driveway and later out of the big iron doors, on the cobweb of streets. I wasn't paying much attention to the path and turns on my way, but I knew, in that uncaring absentmindedness, where I was going. It was an impossible thing for me otherwise, due to my not so good sense of direction, but I kept going without any hesitation, as though I was following a map without actually having one with me.
As soon as I had come out of that house, it felt like a big weight has been lifted off my chest. I felt less uncertain, less worried and less scared. I was free. I know I had made a lot of promises to people in there, specially to Joy and I know he would hate me later for doing this, but it was something I had to do. I knew this was wrong and I knew this would break the hearts almost all of those inside, but I had to lea…

Theandric Thursday : Princess And The Closed Room - Part 1

This post is part of Theandric Thursday, a fortnightly whenever-she-feels-like-posting feature hosted by Ashna Banga.
The dictionary definition of 'Theandric' is 'Relating to the joint agency of divine and human nature'.

Sounds interesting? Write your own Theandric Thursday post and drop a link on her blog. You can write fiction, real events or a mixture of both. You may use the image on the right for the same. Happy Writing :)

I don't remember how it all started. It felt like jumping straight out of one dream and into another. We were in a quiet suburb street, me and Lily. It was afternoon and no one could be seen around. Dull, bland houses lined the alley on both sides. There was a peculiar grey tone to each one of them.

A Begging Issue

"I don't give money at the traffic lights. In fact, I have stopped giving anything to anyone these days," said a friend a few days ago with an expression that showed that he no longer believes in any of such small acts of charity. I didn't know what to say to that, so I kept quiet.
It might have been a momentary thing with him. Just an exaggeration maybe because he was a little off that day. But the thing is, there are people who don't give anything to any destitute just because they have some preconceived notions about the beggars. 
Their argument is that 'these people', as they call them, have made it a business and that all beggars at traffic intersections are part of a syndicate and hence should be discouraged. Well, it's not entirely untrue, but colouring everyone with the same red is not the way to go. Anyway, we'll talk about that in a short time. First let me tell you an incident which led me to write this post in the first place.

Reading Emotional Books

Here's what happens. You pick up a book you are really excited about reading and which you have heard about a lot from your friend. You've read the blurb, which looked pretty promising and seen some amazing five star reviews. To add to its appeal, it also happens to be one of those books by one of those writers who almost everybody swears by.
So you get down to read and you like how it starts and you read more and you like how it's going. You like the characters, you like the humour, you like the use of metaphors in it. So you keep reading and you keep liking, so much so that you read more than three fourth of it in a night. The next day you continue with it and finally finish it. Seems good enough, right? You've read it fast! You must be feeling good, happy, contented, excited(even more than how much you were before starting it), right?