55 Fiction #1- At The Bar

Brian : And then he said "you're a portly, good for nothing bag of fatty shit"..
Kenneth : And you said?
Brian : I said "that's not nice of you"
Kenneth : What! That's it, just 'that's not nice of you' ? Nothing else?
Brian(nervously) : I also said 'mister' after that.

Kenneth stood aghast, staring at Brian.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

# I don't know if there are any rules for writing 55 Fiction. This is my first(obvious by the title) and I hope you don't dislike it that much.


  1. Haha! If it was meant to be funny, it did work well! Liked it :)
    Keep writing!

  2. That's a smart piece of writing there. I loved the 'mister' part :)

    1. Thanks Anisha. A very warm welcome to the blog. :)

  3. If this is your first attempt as mentioned by you - then I must say this is FAB..a very well written one - keep writing more and more of them!!

    1. Yes, I definitely hope to write more and better. Thanks a lot Me, your comment made it more FAB ;)

  4. Hahaha! That was cute :D It actually made me laugh out loud :D!
    Hey keep writing 55 fiction alright? :)

    Missed you on the blogosphere!

    1. :D Thank you Abinaya.. in fact I should also thank you for inspiring me to write 55 fiction, as it were your posts which made me try this thing in the first place. And yes, I hope to get more nice ideas to write more.
      Have a good night. Hugs. :)

      P.S: I missed blogging too.

    2. I'm honored! Thank you :)


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