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55 Fiction #2- The Arrangement (with alternate ending)

The kiss had been awkward well. She was still sitting at the pier.
As soon as he'll cross the board, the sniper will shoot her. That had been the arrangement.

But right at the edge he heard a loud crack, got a huge blow, felt his back burn and fell down.

He had been tricked.

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P.S: I wrote a different ending earlier for this. Would you like me to include that one??

Celebration Of Our Rights

Today is the day which most of the people welcome as that one more day to save them from the chilly winter and give them a respite from braving the cold outside, well at least those north of the equator do. A day when you indulge in a little more sleep, maybe wake up towards the end of the parade, in time to catch the balloons being set off on TV, then go on to have a late brunch, followed by spreading on the couch to see that sudden and improbable air of deshbhakti dawn on each and every one of the telly actors on every entertainment channel.
Though nobody cares to see the parade these days, there are some who go one step ahead. People have started questioning the monotony that surrounds the republic day parade itself including the chaos of the days that lead up to it. And let me say this at the outset, I am not one of those people. I have no problem whatsoever with any traffic horrors that may arise due to the rehearsals, neither do I care about the surprising number of checkpoints…

55 Fiction #1- At The Bar

Brian : And then he said "you're a portly, good for nothing bag of fatty shit"..
Kenneth : And you said?
Brian : I said "that's not nice of you"
Kenneth : What! That's it, just 'that's not nice of you' ? Nothing else?
Brian(nervously) : I also said 'mister' after that.

Kenneth stood aghast, staring at Brian.

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# I don't know if there are any rules for writing 55 Fiction. This is my first(obvious by the title) and I hope you don't dislike it that much.