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I wish you Life


          This is not a sorry note. I know that's not how you a start a letter but I had a feeling that I should say it. Since I promised that I won't say sorry ever again, I won't. I shouldn't. I needn't. Neither will I do any other useless inconsequential talk. This is a different day and I had some things to say to you.
You are a wonderful person, everybody who has met you, knows this. And there are a lot of incredible things that you are going to do in life. Make your dreams come true.

Oh my rain, it's just you

I get free, I get wired and think of things, I desired Oh my rain, is it you and oh my rain, it is you

The Cost of Safety

On December 31, 2011 American president Obama signed and passed the NDAA 2012 bill. The bill attracted a series of statements in opposition and demonstration within America due to a clause which grants objectionable and sweeping powers to the American president over its citizens.
Below is a small fictional excerpt depicting a conversation between a Senator and an Assisting Adviser over an evening some time before the bill was passed.
- Albert Shades
 - Senator Brendan Mc Gill