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Fantasy or Mockery...or something else

'Cheer up, splash those white sparkling teeth while I assure you that the world you know hasn't been in a better state ever since civilization began'.

If a new wave of American authors is to be believed, we as an ever-progressive society stand today at the paramount of political stability, economical prosperity, along with social and ethical quality. And we should start being a little optimistic with the way the world has emerged through a long history of instability and war, into a rather peaceful society. This remark is made in comparison with our recent modern-history all the way up to the ancient past of the hunter-gatherers.

Among the lot of highly optimistic books this season is 'The Secret Peace', in which the author Jesse Richards professes that the world is a actually a nice place and getting better by the day. This revolutionary or shall I say preposterous idea actually slings muck at the faces of already crippled inhabitants of the third world.
Mr. Richa…